From keeping their own waste indoors, Byo now wants residents to also keep litter

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

BULAWAYO city council has set itself up for a potential health hazard after authorities at City Hall have abruptly stopped normal refuse collection services from industry and homes due to fuel shortages.

Town Clerk, Christopher Dube said the fuel shortages have also affected other council services including attending to burst sewer and water pipes.

“The city of Bulawayo would like to advise residents that there may be an interruption in the collection of refuse due to fuel shortages.

“Residents are advised that areas likely to be affected include Makokoba, Riverside, Sunninghill, Waterford, Selborne Park North, Manningdale, Hillcrest, Highmount, Harrisvale, Richmond, Trenance, Sauerstown and Belmont Industrial area,” said the Town Clerk.

Dube urged residents in the affected areas to keep uncollected garbage within household properties until the fuel situation improved.

He said council was working around the clock to secure fuel and resume service, urging residents to avoid dumping garbage in open spaces.

“Council is working on ensuring speedy delivery of fuel supplies so as to resume normal services.

“Residents are encouraged to keep the city clean and desist from dumping refuse in open spaces.

“Uncollected refuse should be kept within household properties and will be collected when refuse collection resumes,” Dube said.

However, on keeping litter inside households, this is not be the first time authorities have encouraged residents to keep unsavoury litter within their dwellings following mounting crises.

Recently, the city introduced a “flush system” in which residents are to keep their excreta inside their toilets and wait to flush it simultaneously at given times in the mornings and evenings.

The unpopular move, it is said, was meant to avoid recurrent sewer bursts in a city that has had its own share of water supply problems.

On sewer faults, the Town Clerk said the fuel shortages were also hindering council workers to attend to pipe bursts in the city.

“Limited supply of fuel is also affecting our response to water and sewer faults. Bulawayo city council wishes to apologise for the inconvenience caused,” added the Town Clerk.

The city council requires about 80 000 litres of diesel and 50 000 litres of petrol per month for its fleet.