From the bottom of my heart…I’m so sorry – Jah Signal apologizes to Charambas for copyright infringement

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By Staff Reporter

Zimdancehall chanter Jah Signal has apologized to gospel musicians Charles and Olivia Charamba for copyright infringement which saw two of his tracks being pulled down from YouTube.

Jah Signal hogged the limelight this week when his song ‘Sweetie’ released in 2018 and had garnered 6 million views was pulled down from YouTube following a copyright claim by the Charambas. He interpolated the Charamba’s ‘Kana Vanhu Vangu’.

Back in 2018, after the release of “Sweetie,” Charamba expressed in an interview that he found the song blasphemous as it conflicted with his moral beliefs and had not given his consent.

Another track ‘Tengai Mafuta’ released in 2023 was also taken down over the same violation.

In a Facebook post, Jah Signal shared an image of the Charambas with the caption, “Elders for life. From the bottom of my heart I love you mom and dad, I’m so sorry”.

In an earlier statement, the Charambas said they initially had no intention of pursuing a copyright infringement against Jah Signal’s ‘Sweetie’ video until he sampled another one of their songs.

This is not the first time an artist has sampled the Charamba’s songs and more copyright claims might be following.