Frustrated hubby bashes wife for denying him conjugal rights for seven months

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By Staff Reporter

A Harare man who is in the habit of assaulting his wife has defended his actions telling civil court magistrate that he does this out of frustration having been denied conjugal rights over the past seven months.

The man B Mbere was hauled to the court by his wife Shupikai Mutsamwa.

Mutsamwa successfully secured a protection order against Mbere.

Harare Civil Court magistrate Tamara Chibindi was told Mbere always assaults his wife and shouts obscenities for no reason.

“He is always assaulting me for no reason. I don’t have peace of mind anymore.  He also thinks I’m dating my boss, ” said Mutsamwa.

In defense Mbere said Mutsamwa has not been intimate with him for the past seven months.

“It all started when she started working as a maid.

“For the past seven months she has been depriving me of conjugal rights.

“She is a maid but she earns between US$300 and US$400 each month. On top of that she also get allowances.

He said his wife doesn’t want to be questioned about the “hefty” salary.

Mbere also said his wife’s boss sends a driver to accompany his wife to their rural home but he is never part of that programme.