Fuel Shortages Recur As Business Returns To Normal

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By Makanaka Masenyama

THE easing of lockdown restrictions by government over a week ago has seen business return to near normal with now an increased demand for fuel among motorists, something that has resulted in long winding queues resurfacing.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) confirmed the country was experiencing a number of challenges in sourcing fuel supplies for the local market.

ZERA acting chief executive, Eddington Mazambani in an interview with Sunday admitted there was an acute fuel shortage in the country owing to depressed supplies.

“The current fuel shortages are attributed to logistical glitches experienced in the fuel procurement system by oil companies.

“This has created a gap in supply chain resulting in the demand surpassing supply. Supplies are, however, expected to improve soon due to measures which have been put in place,” said Mazambani without elaborating on what measures they had been put in place to ease supplies.

However, he said lockdowns in other countries due to the Covid-19 outbreak had also impacted the country’s fuel supplies.

For fuel shortages to end, he said, there was need for Zimbabwe to generate surplus foreign currency.