‘Fugitive’ ex-minister Chikwinya faces arrest over debt

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Women’s Affairs Minister, Nyasha Chikwinya faces imprisonment after she failed to comply with a court order compelling her to settle a US$25 000 debt owed to Old Mutual Property Cooperation (Private) Limited.

The debt has been outstanding since 2012 and the ex-minister is believed to be in hiding.

Old Mutual applied for civil imprisonment against Chikwinya back then but she is nowhere to be found.

According to a chamber application by Old Mutual seeking for an order to serve summons to a responsible relative, Chikwinya is aware she is being sought but does not want to show up.

The property manager says if summons are served to a responsible person at her known address, the date of hearing will duly be communicated to her.

“It is applicant’s view that the respondent is available at these addresses but is frustrating the efforts for personal service to be effected,” reads the application.

Old Mutual obtained a judgement against Chikwinya in case number HC13376/12 for payment of a capital debt in the sum of US$17 583 and US$8 337 holding over damages, at the rate of US$434 for rent and US$214 for operating costs and the arbitrator’s costs of US$1 500.

However, it has been difficult for the Sherriff to locate her six years later.

“To date, the Sherriff has been unable to serve a copy of the summons for civil imprisonment on the respondent as is apparent on the returns of service.

“It will be noted that the Sherriff has attempted on various dates to effect service on the respondent’s known address of service.”

According to the application, the Sherriff attempted to serve Chikwinya for civil imprisonment at number 2 Droitwich Avenue, Northwood, Mt Pleasant but on various dates has not been able to locate her.

Old Mutual also tried the same at her other known address in Glen Forest to no avail.

“The applicant believes that the respondent is still within the jurisdiction of this honourable court and should ordinarily be available but is being deliberately evasive and elusive with the applicant as she is aware of this impending matter,” reads an application by Old Mutual.