Fugitive killer Peter Dube deported from Mozambique

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By Tinei Tuhwe

Fugutive and murder suspect Peter Dube has been arrested at the Robert Mugabe International Airport after he was deported from Mozambique after evading police for close to two years.

Dube had been deported to Mozambique by Irish officials after he claimed that he was a Mozambican using identity and travel documents with the false name Armando Quenete Muchanga.

Dube faces murder charges after fatally shooting his second wife, her suspected lover, and a female friend in Gweru in 2021 before he fled to Ireland where he claimed asylum. He was eventually arrested by Interpol.

He is facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and violating immigration laws.

“Peter Dube has not been extradited but has been deported from Mozambique due to fake identity and travel documents so these are the facts on the ground,” said Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.