Fungisai: Gospel star and fashion designer I design most of the attire which I and my band members wear on stage … Fungisai

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TO most people, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave is only known as a celebrated gospel musician.
Very few people not know that apart from being an accomplished musician, Mashavave is also a talented fashion designer.
The gospel star icon specialises in ethnic fashion.
“As an artist, I am conscious of creativity in whatever I do,” said Mashavave of the Makomborero fame in an interview with New Zimbabwe.Com.
“I design most of the attire which I and my band members wear on stage. Creativity is an aspect of my life. Even at my home I do the décor and design by myself.”
The gospel songbird said her clients are mostly musical fans.
“Whenever I am on stage, I will be marketing my brand,” she said.
“I have received a lot of inquires about my fashion from the people who have seen me appearing on television. Some of my clients are also in the diaspora where I have held shows.”
Mashavave last year graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology Degree at Women’s University in Africa.
She is disappointed that, despite having in abundance internationally recognised designers, the fashion industry in Zimbabwe is not taken seriously.
“Fashion designing is not taken seriously as a credible industry in here. We still have a long way to go before the industry’s importance can be fully appreciated and supported,” she said.
Mashavave said, as an upcoming designer, she is frustrated by locals who rush for big and costly world fashion brands while shunning local designs.
“I do not really understand why some people prefer foreign brands compared to our own ethnic brands which are immaculate and durable,” she said.Advertisement