Furious ZIFA chief executive attacks ZBC

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ZIMBABWE Football Association (ZIFA) Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Mashingaidze has reacted angrily to what he termed “malicious distortions” of the association’s confidential creditors’ list and attacks by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) over the Asiagate match fixing scandal.
Mashingaidze said in a statement in a statement Wednesday: “The Zimbabwe Football Association has noted with dismay, the warpath that the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has taken against the association.
“The association would like to reject the bogus and false creditors’ list that ZBC has been using to attack the credibility of the association.
“A bona fide creditors’ list was presented to two FIFA missions that were in Zimbabwe and the FIFA delegation never raised eyebrows.
“ZBC claims that ZIFA owes Pandhari Lodge US$232,987.23 when in fact the amount owed to the mentioned creditor was liquidated.”
The CEO added: “It is also important to note that Buymore Private Limited has written off 50% of the initial US$ 876,000 owed by ZIFA and the debt now stands at US$ 438,000.
“The Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe has also stopped charging interest on money that ZIFA owes them and recently, US$ 400,000 was paid to the creditor.
“We will continue to interface and we are seized with the liquidation of these debts as part of our four year plan.
“We are baffled that ZBC continues to attack ZIFA but they are also responsible for the financial crisis at ZIFA since they fail to remit their financial obligations to ZIFA for broadcasting national teams’ games.
“The world over, football thrives on revenue from television rights and perimeter advertising and ZIFA will continue working towards realising their dues.”
The ZIFA boss also criticised the public broadcaster for questioning the investigation of the Asiagate Match Fixing Scandal.
“It is also baffling that a ZBC staffer is criticising the Association for investigating the Asiagate match fixing scandal, when the cancerous malpractice is widely condemned and investigated globally.
“The Asiagate match fixing scandal threatened the sacrosanct values of the beautiful game and there was no way the heinous habit could have been thrown under the carpet.
“The ghastly practice had to be investigated. We take great exception to pedestrian analysis of ZIFA’s financial situation.”Advertisement