G40-linked Shumba launches new political party, again

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER Zanu PF Masvingo Urban legislator Daniel Shumba has formed a new political party which is expected to contest the forthcoming general elections.

Shumba was expelled from the ruling party over claimed links to the ousted president Robert Mugabe’s G40 faction.

The new United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party was due to be launched this Saturday in Chitungwiza at the Unit L grounds.

During an interview in Harare Thursday, Shumba said UDA; “We are a political party whose values are underpinned by our Christian faith.

“We would like to assure all Zimbabweans that we collectively have a responsibility to redeem our nation.”

He added, “We need to save our country from all forms of evil, poverty, corruption, unemployment, and restore the dignity and rights of every citizen.”

Commenting on his chances against some 120 other opposition outfits, Shumba said most of the parties were chancers.

He also disassociated himself from the G40.

“We cannot be benchmarked with a lot of the small chancers and opportunist driven parties,” he said.

 “The attempted mischievous distortion of linking me to G40 has no gravitas nor basis; it is simply intended to undermine my standing.”

Shumba also said UDA would be fielding candidates in all local government wards, parliamentary and senatorial constituencies.

“I (Shumba) shall be running for President,” he added, lashing out at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration as “partisan, corrupt and power hungry”.

This is the second time Shumba has formed an opposition party after going the same route in 2006 when he formed United Peoples Party.

At the time, he had been fired from the ruling party over his involvement in a meeting that allegedly sought to elevate Mnangagwa to the Zanu PF and State presidency.