GALZ: Domestic violence rampant in the same sex marriages

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By Staff Reporter

DOMESTIC violence is rampant in same sex marriages with most cases going unreported, the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (GALZ) has said.

In a recent interview with, GALZ programmes manager Sam Matsikure said cases of domestic violence in the community were not reported due to fear of victimisation by the police.

“People fear the police for further arrest on sodomy or harassment, a few have been reported though and counselled by Victim Friendly Court section,” said Matsikure.

He added; “I can say yes domestic violence is rampant in the same sex marriages just like other marriages as well.

“Causes for the domestic violence in the same sex marriages are infidelity, dishonest, egos not wanting to back down mistrust and jealously you name it.”

Addressing the problem was being undermined by the fact that programmes on domestic violence exclude members of the community.

Regardless, the association is carrying out counselling services, aimed at helping members “control their emotions and be responsible adults”.