Gambler jailed 12 years for killing friend over ZW$500 bet

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

A ZVIMBA man has been jailed 12 for killing his friend using an iron bar at the height of a fight over money they had bet.

Chamunorwa Jirira (28) of Taderera/Muvi village in Zvimba was jailed by High Court judge Justice Philda Muzofa for murder with constructive intent.

He killed 17-year-old Rodrick Chimanga of Hamamuti village in Zvimba.

Prosecutor Herekiya Maromo told the court that on July 20, 2020, around 1pm, Jirira and Chimanga were drinking illicit home brewed beer and gambling at Pimbiramani’s homestead.

The now deceased won a total of $545 against Jirira.

A misunderstanding then arose between the two, as Jirira started claiming back money he had bet from Chimanga, who refused to give him to the demands.

An angry Jirira then picked an iron bar which he used to strike Chimanga twice on the head and several times on his back.

The victim sustained deep cuts and bled profusely from the head.

He was rushed to Father O’Hea Hospital situated at Kutama by his uncle, Tawanda Fantah Makwiramiti.

Chimanga died the following day.

A post mortem confirmed his sudden death was due to excessive bleeding as a result of head trauma inflicted by a blunt object.