Garry Mapanzure Rallies Behind Enzo’s Decision To Quit Music

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By Stephen Tsamba

POPULAR musician Garry Mapanzure has rallied behind Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall’s decision to quit music to focus more on himself and his family.

This comes after Enzo Ishall broke down during two radio interviews while narrating the reasons why he decided to quit music.

In the interviews, Enzo said being viewed as a provider by his family had forced him to work harder. He added he had failed to have more time with close friends and family.

However, Garry Mapanzure, born Gerry Garikai Munashe Mapanzure, this week showed solidarity and said he supported Enzo’s decision to quit music.

“I just want to say I’m proud of you and from one artist to another bro do what you think is right for you,” said Mapanzure.

He said Enzo’s decision showed that artists do not want to be viewed as weak individuals and musicians give everything to entertain their fans.

“After watching and hearing Enzo it made me realise how us, as artists, we always try to look OK because we don’t want to be seen as weak. We literally put our lives on the line to make great music for y’all even if it means losing everything”

The ‘Wapunza’ hitmaker said artists adore their fans, but they never speak on their personal issues.

“As artists, we love our fans but we never really speak on our struggles and our personal issues as human beings. As a popular artist, people expect you to be somehow made of steel but we also have feelings.

“Social media is another place where most fans show love and others try to clown us to make y’all laugh, imagine how that feels on the receiving end.”

Enzo left fans with a final hit, ‘Ehee’, and thanked them on the Instagram post before announcing that he had decided to pursue his next chapter in life as everyone should.