Gas explosion leaves Harare family stranded, four-day-old infant hospitalised

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By Staff Reporter

HOPELESS and helpless best paint what a Harare family is going through after a gas stove exploded destroying their house early last week.

In an unfortunate incident that left Glen Norah community shell shocked the explosion was a result of gas inflaming.

A gas tank exploded destroying walls, roof and windows leaving the family stranded.

The explosion was felt almost 100 meters from the house.

“Gas was placed on top of a cooking stove when electricity was cut off. Surprisingly electricity came back leading to the explosion. There was a loud explosion but the fire did not last long,” said Shingai Kambumwa, one of the affected people.

When news crew visited the house, the family was trying to salvage what had been left from the explosion.

Three people including a four-day-old baby are currently admitted at Harare hospital due to injuries from the explosion.

“People who were in the house escaped with burns on hands, legs and a baby on the face. This is a devastating incident which has left us shaken” said Kambumwa.

The family is grateful that no fatalities were recorded from the explosion.

However they are appealing for help after some basics were destroyed in the explosion.

“We are grateful to God that no one perished in the explosion. Anything could have happened but we are grateful. We are hopeless. We have nowhere to start from without basic items like food. If there are people who might assist, they are welcome,” said another family member, Juliet Chizheve.