Gemma drops new Shona track

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By Ndatenda Njanike

ZIMBABWEAN born pop singer Gemma Griffiths on Tuesday released her new track Titungamirire which hit more than 10,000 viewers on youtube within two days.

The South African based artiste rose to become a star in Zimbabwe after collaborating with Winky D in their duet Mu Garden.

The white musician surprised Zimbabweans when she sang effortlessly in Shona after Winky D had written her the lyrics.

However, Gemma has bounced back with Shona tracks of her own which include Gara Pano and the new release Titungamirire.

Titungamirire is a song in which she calls for guidance from the above. The video is shot in a scene in which people are praying in a church.

The official track was released 22 March and was highly appreciated by her fans.