Gemma Griffiths’ ‘Lessons I will carry with me into 2023’

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  1. Home first. Raising the Zimbabwean flag should always be at the forefront of what we do. Uplifting our country, having pride in our home. Because before we are anything else, we are Zimbabwean. 2022 I toured Zimbabwe. I saw new places, new faces, and got to share my music with you all in such an intimate and personal way.


  1. Prayers do come true!! 2022 was a whirlwind of adventure! I prayed for shows, I toured the world. I prayed for guidance, I toured with Baba Shero. This experience was a once in a life time, and I am so in awe of the wisdom I witnessed from Baba Shero. His humility, musicianship and artistry was a reminder of the grace at which one can carry themselves in this industry. I am forever grateful for that experience, as well as the opportunity to connect with Zimbabweans across the globe. 🇿🇼


  1. The music is king. Writing music was my first love. It gives me such peace, and I can both lose and find myself so easily in the process. I got to focus on this in New York in the Way Up House with Yamaha. A week in a house, with 5 other artists, writing music. Sharing your art with someone new, introducing yourself through your writing, as we did in the house, is full of honesty and vulnerability. It means laying your cards on the table and simply saying “here I am, this is me”. Working with @yamahamusiceuropeand the team really reminded me that I’ve built some of my strongest friendships through art… something I know will only grow me as a creative, as a woman and as a friend. Music really is king.


  1. Laughter really is medicine. 2022 had a lot of moments with little sleep, where I was working hard, and stress and adrenaline were commonplace. Touring can be tough on the body, and on the everyday. There is a lot of adventure in music, but that also comes with less constancy, less simplicity and many ups and downs. Acknowledging our blessings is often an easy task. But I want to continually practice gratitude for the shortfalls, which are ultimately lessons that lead to growth. I am where I am because of my successes AND my failures.. and I am where I am because I realise that.


  1. Rest is important. When we pour our time into our jobs, our dreams, into day to day life and into others, we need to take the time to refill our cup. For me personally, I find so much restoration in nature.. where God is evident, and where I can reset and realign. 2022 I spent my spare moments at my home away from home @iganyanatentedcamp✨🇿🇼 The sunsets, the stars, the quiet mornings, the wilderness.. All of this helped me reset, and I plan on continuing this walk with nature and the Zimbabwean bush.