Gemma Griffiths says ready for UK Zimfest 2015

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ZIMBABWEAN singer-songwriter Gemma Griffiths is scheduled to perform at this year’s Zimfest in the United Kingdom.
The young and talented folk/pop musician will travel to London this Tuesday in preparation for the big event which is slated for September 26.
“I am very excited to have been chosen to perform with many great artists from Southern Africa and it’s heart-warming to go and do what you enjoy best,” said jovial Gemma.
The 21-year-old who, recently, has been working on merchandise specifically for the festival promised Zimbabweans living in London a taste of home.
Gemma writes her own music, plays the piano, trumpet and guitar. Besides, concentrating on pop music, she has released jazz tunes as well.
“Fans should look forward to good vibes and different music from what they have heard before,” she said.
“I have a pretty acoustic folk feel, and a few really awesome musicians to play with. Zimfest goers should expect a little folk, a little indie and a little reggae.
“I have been writing a lot of new music, so I’m excited to showcase some new tunes.”
This will be Gemma’s first appearance at Zimfest.
“I am a bit nervous though, but it will be great and I will do it to my best,” she said.
“This is what I want to do. I have never wanted anything else besides music; my fans will get satisfaction in my work.
“Zimfest, for any Zimbabwean, is a big deal especially being in another country where you will be surrounded by Zimbabweans who love you in their home country.
“It is going to be amazing to play for fellow Zimbabweans and meet people I have never met before!”
Gemma has been involved in a variety of music and arts festivals in Zimbabwe, including the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) twice and ‘Miombo Magic’ twice.
This Sunday, before she travels for Zimfest, Gemma will be at Spook House in Harare where she will display her talent to young fans.
Born in South Africa, Gemma is currently studying towards a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music Composition at Snow College, Utah, USA.
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