Gender based violence, Zimbabwe’s top home wreaker

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

GENDER based violence (GBV) has become cancerous in most homes and communities in Zimbabwe, which needs to be curtailed urgently, a recent Afrobarometer survey has revealed.

According to the latest survey, whose results were released Wednesday, Zimbabweans view gender-based violence as the most important women’s-rights issue.

“Gender-based violence is the most important women’s-rights issue that Zimbabweans want the government and society to address, many citing it as a common problem in homes and communities,” said the latest report.

A total of 1200 adult Zimbabweans were interviewed between 28 March and 10 April 2022 during the survey.

It further noted: “Most citizens say it is never justified for men to use physical force to discipline their wives, a view that is shared across all key demographic groups and provinces.”

More than half (52%) of citizens say GBV is “somewhat common” (35%) or “very common” (17%)  in homes or in the community.

More women (56%) than men (47%) hold this view.

In addition, the findings revealed most of the respondents concurred that gender-based violence was a criminal matter that required the involvement of law enforcement authorities, rather than a personal affair that should be handled within the family.

According to survey results, the majority of Zimbabweans also cited few women in influential government positions and unequal rights of property as some of the drivers of GBV.

“More than six in ten respondents (61%) say domestic violence is a criminal matter whose resolution requires the involvement of law enforcement agencies, compared to 37% who see it as a private matter that needs to be handled within the family,” further states the report.