German adhesives giant Henkel makes in roads, announces official Zimbabwean marketing partner 

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By Staff Reporter

GERMAN adhesives giant Henkel has announced a marketing deal for its wide range of products with Cluster Diagnostics.

Dusseldorf headquartered Henkel, a global leader and producer of common brands such as Pritt is targeting Zimbabwe’s manufacturing sector.

The 145-year-old Henkel has a presence in over 79 countries.

“Cluster Diagnostics is officially a Henkel premium partner. Effectively they are an extension of Henkle and will represent us fully in Zimbabwe, they will have full access to update marketing and innovation material,” said company representative Trevor Bolton who jetted into Harare from South Africa for the event.

“The Zimbabwean economy has been struggling for a number of years but I do not think it is a unique problem to Zimbabwe, it is a global problem at this stage where economies are struggling more than they have in the past.

“To navigate through that successfully is to build partnership with our partners and customers.”

Cluster Diagnostics has already run tests with local companies looking at taking advantage of the arrangement.

Talks are reportedly underway with top beverage producer Varun whose Pepsi has recovered considerable market share locally.

Besides marketing, Cluster Diagnostics will be tasked with keeping stock locally for use in cases of urgent need, according to company business development manager Siphiwe Mthembu.

Henkel has a manufacturing plant in South Africa and building of a similar plant locally will be based on the market said Mthembu.