Goche In US$25 000 Land Grabbing Scandal

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Transport Minister Nicholas Goche  has been dragged to court on allegations of aiding an ex-pastor at the turbulent-hit Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM), Fidelis Muzivi to grab the church’s property.

The church accuses Muzivi of personalising the US$25 000 stand with Goche’s help.

Muzivi is being sued together with Goche who allegedly sold the stand to the church through his company Mushayahembe Enterprises.

Bindura Municipality is cited as the  third respondent in the matter.

 It is being alleged that Muzivi unlawfully changed ownership of the stand after full payment and is insisting that the property belongs to him.

The church has approached the High Court seeking a declaratory order with ancillary relief. The church wants the court to determine who the true owner of the stand is and compel Goche to reverse the ownership papers.

The AFM has deposed an affidavit through one Svinurayi Gwenzi who narrated that on 19 January 2014, the church applied for a church stand to Mushayahembe Enterprises, a company owned by Goche.

The application was granted, and a response came through one Manyati of Manyati Enterprises who was an agent for Mushayahembe Enterprises.

“In response we were advised to pay for an application fee to which this was done on 23 July 2014. On the 5th of August 2014, the applicant made a commitment to pay the stand in issue,” AFM said in its application.

“Interesting to note is that the first respondent (Muzivi) was the pastor and chairperson of the church development. He was signing the letters or correspondences for and on behalf of the church. I had the oversight role over the said documents, being the overseer for AFM in Zimbabwe,” said Gwenzi in his founding affidavit.

On 6 October 2014, an offer letter was issued and Muzivi signed on behalf of the church. According to the court papers, the stand measures 5 228 square meters and is in Chipindura Park.

“The response came in October 2019 confirming that the applicant had fully paid for the stand. Soon after receiving the confirmation of full payment, the applicant approached the offices of Mushayahembe only to discover that Muzivi had tampered with the file documents,” said Gwenzi.

“We held a meeting together on the 17th of June 2021 at Goche’s offices together with Muzivi. He insisted that he is the rightful owner of the stand. This left the church with no other option than to approach the court so that the rightful owner can be determined.

“It will also be proper and perfectly in order that Mushayahembe Enterprises should reverse whatever transfer process that was done in favour of Muzivi. The file pertaining to ownership of the stand being in custody and being administered by Mushayahembe Enterprises should be revisited and reconstructed to reflect that the true owner is the applicant,” said Gwenzi.

The matter is yet to be heard.