God is the greatest – says Chivayo on delivery of US$400k Benz; controversial businessman has spent US$1.9 million on cars in a week

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 By Staff Reporter

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknell Chivhayo has given credit to God in a post announcing receipt of a third high-end vehicle within a week.

Chivhayo, whose Intratek was awarded the failed Gwanda Solar Project tender that should have added 100MW to Zimbabwe’s grid nine years ago, recently brought the three cars in America.

The 2023 Maybach Benz GLS600 for US$400,000 adds onto a 2023 Rolls Royce Cullinan US$850,000 and a Rolls Royce Ghost for US$700,000 received in the past five days; putting his total at US$1,950,000 spent only on cars.

“Nowadays everyone wants to show they’re rich until it’s time to spend rich people money. Be patient, keep pushing and remember whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. The all new 2023 Maybach Benz GLS60O. Another US$400,000 well spent. God is the greatest!” said Chivhayo.


With Zimbabwe experiencing one of its leanest supply of electricity, Chivhayo has been fingered as one of those responsible after his Gwanda failure.

The failure was however blamed on a nine-year-long court battle between him and government after power utility ZESA tried to terminate its contract with his Intratek.

“The Gwanda project was a successful one. Millions have been looted and here we are. We are doomed as a nation. Backyard companies being awarded tenders by corrupt government officials…enjoy,” said one of his Facebook followers Elford Makarichi.

“Count yourself lucky for being in a lawless country where transparency is not one of the tenets of government bureaucracy. You have no known thriving businesses yet here you’re flaunting ill-gotten wealth. Those cheering you up are those desperate men and women hoping to get some few crumbs from your high table,” added Emmanuel Mavhima.

Not even a second chance given to Intratek in 2021 by then Energy Minister Fortune Chasi could get the company to produce 10MW, a target set for the last six months of that year.

“Just received my brand new 2023 Rolls Royce Cullinan. Normalise luxury in your life, suffering is not an achievement. Learning to remain calm when you’re being disrespected is a super power. Work hard, stay disciplined and be patient your time will come. US$850,000 well spent,” said Chivhayo in an earlier post.

In his first post on the three vehicles Chivhayo had paid tribute to the manner in which he ‘grinds.’