“God is the solution” says Mnangagwa

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By Thandiwe Garusa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has virtually surrendered Zimbabwe’s fate to God and believes the country’s turbulent phase will ease with the intervention of The Almighty.

Mnangagwa was speaking at a national day of prayer organised by his wife, First Lady Auxillia at State House on Monday.

“What is important is that only God who is in heaven is the one who knows all the nations and challenges that they face. But for those who will remember that He exists, (they) shall be saved and blessed,” he said.

Mnangagwa has watched as the nation’s economic and social fortunes take a turn for the worse since he took over, with citizens grappling to make ends meet under his chaotic reform agenda.

He added: “We are gathered here at the State House not to praise the First Family but as a supplication to God. It is only Him who can assist our nation. He says even if you are heavy laden, He will assist you.”

Mnangagwa said his call for peace and unity was aimed at allowing God to take charge of things in the country.

With his legitimacy being challenged by the opposition amid claims he rigged last year’s elections, Mnangagwa has continuously had to defend his controversial victory.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa insists Mnangagwa robbed him of victory and the country’s economic problems are a manifestation of the political backlash arising from the stolen poll.

Chamisa has demanded a face-to-face meeting with Mnangagwa but the Zanu PF leader has instead created a platform for dialogue that includes all candidates to last year’s presidential elections. The MDC leader has described the platform as a waste of time.

Mnangagwa argued only dialogue will resolve Zimbabwe’s problems.

“Each and every family has its own problems and they can only be solved by dialogue in your house,” he said.

“God says I am the one who appoints Kings and the King must know that the voice of the people is the voice of God. The leader should know that the people I am leading are God’s people not my people. Some are not content with their roles in nation building and want to stray into the roles assigned to different people.

“My arms are stretched wide. Every political party, come, let’s have a dialogue. I will not change from that. I invite everyone, we are all Zimbabweans. Nothing will come out if we do not understand each other and God loves people who love each other.”