Gokwe turns beerhall into Covid-19 hospital

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By Staff Reporter

Gokwe: The Gokwe Town Council is planning to turn a beerhall into a Covid-19 isolation facility.

Just like many places in the country, the authority does not have any screening centre or any isolation facility in the event of a suspected case.

The beerhall, which is in Sesame area, according to Council Chairperson Never Gwanzura, is set to service the whole of Gokwe.

Gwanzura told that with help from government, there were plans to renovate the defunct drinking spot into a Covid-19 facility using the recently availed devolution funds.

“We have plans to use a closed beerhall building for the isolation of people who might have contracted Covid-19. The beerhall is called Sesame Beerhall and it’s in Ward 6.

“There are still plans underway to do renovations that are in line with the Ministry of Health expectations, since the ministry went and accessed the beerhall,” he said.

Gwanzura admitted Gokwe faced some water challenges but said Sesame was ideal as there was an abundance of water, a key resource for a Covid-19 facility.

“From the devolution funds that we received, there is a portion that is supposed to be used in each ward.

“We have realised that some wards are in need of boreholes. However, in Ward 6, there is enough water.

“We therefore, found it prudent to have that building as a clinic, that can be used as an emergency clinic for the Covid-19 disaster using the funds from devolution.

“Since this is a national disaster, we are therefore using the funds to save Gokwe with the help of the Ministry of Health to provide other essentials,” he said.

By turning a beerhall into a Covid-19 facility, Gokwe joins neighbouring Kwekwe which recently turned Mbizo’s Garandichauya bar into a screening centre for a pandemic that has seen nine confirmed cases and one related death in the country.