Gonyeti slams uncontrollable Bev

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BEVERLY Sibanda’s ex dancer Glee Bafana has hit out at her former boss’ violent behaviour, saying the star was often uncontrollable.
Nicknamed Gonyeti owing to her voluptuous stature, the dancer said during her days with the Sexy Angels leader she always tried to advise her against violence.
Gonyeti left the Sexy Angels to form her own eight piece all female outfit Gonyeti and the Trailers on December 15.
On several occasions Beverly, whose real name (Junior Banda) was recently exposed by the media, has been reported to be involved in fist fights with revellers at various shows.
But Gonyeti said she used to urge her to desist from violence.
“Violence is not good. It was terrible sometimes since we were not able to control her as the boss but she has generally changed for the better,” said Gonyeti.
“We never really had problems with Bev; actually we are in good books even up to now and whenever one of us was wrong either of us could advise the other.”
She said she left the Sexy Angels amicably because she wanted to start her own things.
A younger sister to Priscilla Taurai of Bulawayo’s Girls La, Gonyeti said she has for a long time been challenged by her sister to start her own group.
“I used to ask her for a job as a leader of her own group but she would always challenge me to think and I am glad she too is happy with my move,” said the dancer.
“People who used to know me from my days at Bev’s are very encouraging as well and I am happy we are doing well.”
Asked if she would be out to challenge Bev she said she is not a raunchy dancer.
“Well I am not a raunchy dancer as Bev and patrons in bars should e3xpect more of Rhumba and Sungura from my routines,” she said.
Born on July 18 1990 in Victoria Falls and growing up in Bulawayo, Gonyeti joined the Sexy Angels in 2012 after leaving Explosion Dance Group.
She was popular with revellers owing to the fact that she is endowed with a curvy body that had men drooling whenever she gyrated on the dance floor.
Gonyeti and the Trailers performs at Sammaz Nite Club in Mufakose tonight.Advertisement