Govt continues to turn blind eye as GZU proceeds with evictions; stranded residents feel cheated 

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By Clayton Shereni I Masvingo Correspondent 

FORMER Shabanie Mashava Mine (SMM) workers at Gaths mine feel cheated by government after Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) proceeded with its follow up wave of evictions that have left many with nowhere to go and stranded on streets.

GZU has been evicting the former workers whom it accuses of occupying its property illegally.

Those who spoke to cited mines minister Winston Chitando’s promise at Maglas stadium rally ahead of the 2018 elections.

Chitando assured them noone will be evicted.

“What is happening now is in contrast with what we were promised by government officials in 2018. I feel cheated and I have nowhere to go. This is the only home that my family and I know. At least they should give us our money,” said one ex-employee on condition of anonymity.

Workers are owed varrying amounts, with some opting to stay at mine premises until their dues are paid.

Mine authorities on the other hand have remained adamant that they want to see ex-employees and their families out of company houses despite owing them millions of dollars in unpaid wages and salaries.

The mine sold its houses to GZU which is reportedly now pressuring for evictions, to pave way for its own staff.

Tuesday’s evictions affected students that failed to get accommodation on campus and had been taken in as tenants by the former workers. They have been advised to approach the institution’s student’s affairs division.

“I can confirm that we carried out evictions today on people who were illegally occupying GZU property. When we went there, we took over everything, so those people have been staying there at the mercy of GZU.

“Affected students, should approach the student affairs department, we have a provision for them in the event that something like this happens,” said GZU director of information Anderson Chipatiso. is reliably informed police officers and some unidentified men carried out the evictions.

Masvingo minister of state, Ezra Chadzamira, who is also legislator for the same area, was not picking up calls up until time of publishing.