Government Sets Private Sector Minimum Wage At $2 500

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By Alois Vinga

THE government has set the national minimum wage at $2 549, 74 for all employees except those in the agricultural and domestic sectors.

Under Statutory Instrument 81 of 2020, Labour Minister Paul Mavima said the directive comes into effect immediately.

“The minimum wage of $2 549 applies to all workers other than domestic and agricultural employees, for which alternative provision will be made,” reads the instrument in part.

However, the minister said employers who are unable to pay the stipulated fees have been granted permission to apply for exemption with the relevant National Employment Councils.

Employers who do not belong to any National Employment Council have been given the green light to approach the Labour Minister’s office with applications for exemptions to pay the stipulated minimum wage.

“The exemption shall take immediate effect as granted by the NEC unless and until the Minister on grounds of public policy objects to it, in which event the minimum wage must be paid from the date of publication of this notice,” the Statutory Instrument reads.

The new gazetted prices of $2 500 translates to US$62.50.