Government should not suppress people’s views-Chipanga

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POPULAR musician Hosiah Chipanga says President Robert Mugabe’s government should allow people to express their views on issues affecting the country.
In an interview with New Zimbabwe this week, Chipanga also said the ban on his four track album Gamba last year has left him a pauper with fans shunning his music due to fear of intimidation by government agents.
“Local radio stations did not play my albums as government was vetting the tracks,” said Chipanga.
Asked why he sang about the controversial death of former army commander, Solomon Mujuru, Chipanga said: “Looking at the mysterious way that he died, no one today can explain how a well feared hero was burnt beyond recognition.”
The album Gamba carries other controversial tracks like Vendor, KwaMarange and Baba Abram.
While Baba Abram speaks about corruption and police brutality, Vendor highlights unemployment issues in Zimbabwe where almost everybody is now an informal trader. KwaMarange is about diamonds.
Chipanga says he is currently working on a new album titled Mitemo inegumi which highlights his political party manifesto.
The Mutare-based musician formed The Kingdom of God on Earth: Devine Rule on Earth party last year and feels it is high time Zimbabwean leaders follow the word of God in deciding the political future of the country.Advertisement