Government takes a dig at Chamisa – says CCC’s lack of structures causes confusion and conflict

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By Darlington Gatsi

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Amon Murwira has slammed the  Citizens Coalition for Change’s (CCC) lack of internal democracy which has created room for confusion and conflict.

Addressing African Union Ambassadors Monday, Murwira said that while there is no law that compels political parties to have such instruments, their absence makes it difficult to resolve disputes within parties.

“While it is conceded that there is no law that compels political parties to have bona-fide constitutions, structures and a democratically elected leadership, the absence of such instruments creates room for confusion and conflict with no available instruments and mechanisms for dispute resolution.

“No amount of scapegoating can cure that. It therefore comes as a surprise that formations claiming to be democratic and enjoying all-round support (political, financial, diplomatic, organizational) from external forces, seek to blame others for their own failures,” Murwira said.

This comes amid the recall of CCC’s legislators from Parliament by Sengezo Tshabangu claiming to be the opposition interim Secretary General. CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has however labelled Tshabangu an “impostor” working in cahoots with the Zanu PF.

Chamisa accuses Zanu PF of instigating the recalls through a proxy to ensure its two-thirds majority in the National Assembly which will enable it to institute Constitutional amendments.

The opposition leader has also declared that Zimbabwe is in a political quagmire in the aftermath of disputed August elections, triggering a marathon of engagements by the government with ambassadors from Southern African Development (SADC) and AU.

In protest over the recent recall, Chamisa has called his Members of Parliament to disengage from the Parliament and councils.

Murwira further told the ambassadors that Chamisa was being deceitful.

“Against that background, it is incorrect and downright deceitful for any political formation so affected by recalls to blame it on the other. Simply, no other party enjoys such a standing or mandate over the other on matters of recall.

“It is on record that the opposition in Zimbabwe in its various factional manifestations has never accepted election results except in those pockets in which they win, ironically from the same electoral process. Even after the inter-position of the courts at its instance, the opposition routinely rejects any outcomes other than those in which they are declared winners,” added Murwira.