Government to sanction ‘shoot to kill’ policy on machete gangs

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By Staff Reporter

MIDLANDS provincial affairs minister Larry Mavhima has said government will soon sanction the shoot to kill policy on all machete gangs terrorising the province.

Speaking at the opening at the official opening of Gwesela-Bhalimasvesve primary school in Zhombe, Mavhima said Joint Operations Command (JOC) meetings were inundated by news of machete gangs in the area and beyond.

“Be warned, because we are not going to tolerate this nonsense. We have JOC meetings every Monday where I receive security briefings of what is happening the province. I am gathering that there is a growing problem of machetes here,” said Mavhima.

“As your leadership, as people responsible for the peace and security of this country, we will not tolerate any nonsense. We will go an eye for an eye. The moment you draw out your machete we will order our police to shoot.

“Why are you causing havoc and chaos here? If it is mining, let us mine in peace, let us build our country in peace, without fighting each other.

“We are saying no to machetes, we will tell our police to arrest you. If one has been arrested after killing or assaulting people we do not want to hear of situations that the person is now walking scot-free and instead bragging that law enforcers will not do anything to them.

“As JOC we will address this issue, so that we nip he scourge in the bud. Be warned. We want to live in peace and harmony.”