Government tops up civil servants salaries

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By Mary Taruvinga

HARARE: Government has reviewed upwards civil servants salaries and allowances following threats to down tools over almost worthless earnings.

Nurses and doctors had given the government a 14-day ultimatum to address their concerns after their week-long strike over poor wages was ignored.

The public health workers went on strike last Monday but returned to work on “compassionate grounds as patients were losing their lives”.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube confirmed the salary review at a press conference on Monday.

A week ago, the government announced that all civil salaries will be increased by 100 % effective July 1.

Serving members of the Civil Service have a housing loan scheme and access to the duty-free importation of a single motor vehicle for personal use by the civil servant.

With particular regard to the Health Services Sector, government has reviewed upwards,” said Ncube.

The Health Sector Specific Allowances are include on-call allowances, which apply to doctors and laboratory scientists, as well as night duty, stand-by/callout allowances, which apply to nurses, nurse aides and general hands in theatre.

There is also nurse managers allowances, a special health equalisation factor which applies to all eligible staff.

The Covid and Infectious Disease Risk Allowances also remain in place.

In addition, government has reviewed the non-monetary benefits for the Health Sector including the provision of institutional housing for health workers starting with Harare and Bulawayoprovision of housing loan guarantees, provision of efficient transport facilities, starting with Referral / Central Hospitals addressing deficiencies in the cafeteria system and re-operationalising the system; and  Local production and sourcing of uniforms for health personnel,” said Ncube.