Government urged to introduce study of Constitution at lower level

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By Audience Mutema

GOVERNMENT needs to introduce a new syllabus in schools that will promote the awareness of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, to ensure that the public is well versed with constitutionalism and parliamentary issues, Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has said.

Mudenda said this on Monday while addressing senior members of the army at the Zimbabwe Defense University in a paper titled: ‘Parliament’s over sight role and contribution to National Security as well as political systems in Zimbabwe’.

“The state must promote public awareness of this Constitution, in particular by translating it into all officially recognised languages and disseminating it as widely as possible,” said Mudenda.

“Government must promote the awareness by requiring this Constitution to be taught in schools and as part of the curricula for the training of members of the security services, the civil service and members and employees of the public institutions.”

A trained lawyer, Mudenda added that Parliament is already on the ground working hard with Universities in Zimbabwe to translate the Constitution into vernacular languages.

“As part of its oversight role, Parliament  is working closely with the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs as well as with the Great Zimbabwe University, Midlands State University, Reformed Church University, Lupane State University and the University of Zimbabwe have caused the translation of the Constitution into all officially recognised languages and Braille.

“This is a salutary achievement, because for one to assiduously claim their fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of national security, one must be conversant with the Bill of Rights as enshrined in Chapter 4 of the Constitution. I trust that your University has included the teaching and learning of the Constitution,” Mudenda said.

“The State must promote public awareness by encouraging all persons and organisations, including civic organisations, to disseminate awareness and knowledge of this Constitution throughout society,” he said.

The Speaker encouraged the National Defense University to offer scholarships on subjects related to the study of national security issues.

“To that an extent, the National Defense University must embark on a profound and solid scholarship on the subject matter of national security, I have shared with you in order to further unravel its academic nuances in the causes of guaranteed national security and national interests,” argued Mudenda.