Government warned against interfering with business

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By Alois Vinga

ZIMBABWE National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) chief executive Chris Mugaga has warned government to stop interfering with business or risk the consequences of economic failure.

He was addressing a delegates at a retailers breakfast meeting in Harare this week.

“Government hand is just too much,” Mugaga said.

“There is no economy which has grown without room for enterprise. The government hand is just everywhere.

“Liberalise, honestly, what sense is there in setting up a foreign currency allocation committee when you do not have the forex? You can’t control what you don’t have. That’s the government hand we are talking about.

“The committees are just getting too much. After this forex committee, the next thing you have subcommittees one for fuel another for health. It’s too much. Government hand is too much,” he said.

The ZNCC boss said that time had come to be open and find lasting solutions.

“This is just the time for the private sector and business member organisations to start advising government rightly but it appears that some players have also been captured,” Mugaga added.

Other business member organisation leaders who participated at the function questioned the rationale behind sending Vice President Constantine Chiwenga to negotiate price reductions.

“This doesn’t work, business needs a conducive environment to operate in and the moment such official becomes a part of the discussions then participants tend to lose their freedom,” one participant said.