Govt Calls For Protection Of Environment To Avert Famine

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By Ndatenda Njanike

GOVERNMENT has urged citizens to participate in the protection of the environment and increase education on ways to protect nature to help curb the rise in famines.

In a statement to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Environment Minister Mangaliso Ndlovu spoke on the need to protect and educate Zimbabweans on safeguarding their environment.

“Earth Day calls on every citizen to rise up and come together to engage the public, educate people about the environment, and act to make positive and sustainable changes to protect the earth that we all live on.”

The Minister also spoke on the challenges Africa is facing including climate change, deforestation, improper waste management, pollution, and land degradation.

“Throughout Africa, we experience environmental challenges such as climate change, deforestation, improper waste management, desertification, water pollution, and land degradation.

“There is an increase in drought, monsoons, flooding, and famine. This has threatened people’s livelihoods and the livelihood of other animal species and ecosystems.”

Earth Day was first observed in the United States as a peaceful call for environmental reform, following a massive oil spill off the coast of California.

Since then, the day has been commemorated annually by billions of people across the globe, drawing attention to the huge challenges the planet faces and offering an opportunity for the world to reflect upon its relationship with the planet.