Govt Can’t Outsource Responsibility (Response to Jamwanda aka George Charamba’s Utterances)

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By Robson Chere

ARTUZ notes with shock the irresponsible insinuation uttered by one  Jamwanda whom we understand is George Charamba to the effect that teachers are responsible for some dismal Grade 7 results in some schools across the country.

The fact that Mr Charamba does not understand the dynamics, ins and outs, intimacies and intricacies of education does not surprise us. His consistent uneducated utterances over the years have left everyone in no doubt whatsoever that he is dead from the neck upwards.

The fact that the administration chooses such an airhead for speaking for the President says all about the calibre of the same administration.

ARTUZ, as usual a patriotic and generous teacher’s union wishes therefore to educate Mr Charamba about the basic tenets of education. We are used to work for free anyway.

The education of our children is a simple triangle made up of teachers, learners and parents. This triangle is brought together by a responsible government through capacitating both parties.

We all know that with unemployment rate of more than 90% parents are totally incapacitated to provide a conducive home and environment for their children to study. Parents who are struggling to put a square meal on the table cannot be expected to provide for basic educational needs of their children.

It is Mr Charamba’s government that has presided over the demise of all forms of meaningful employment hence casting all citizens into the pit of abject poverty.

Last year was characterised by total incapacitation of teachers whom at one point were earning less than US$50. We agree that teachers play a decisive role in the advancement of education.

It’s however not a secret that educators are not miracle workers. Even religious missionaries were equipped with resources for their material welfare.

Teachers simply could not execute their duties because they just didn’t have the resources to do so. Maybe Mr Charamba can point to us which employer was supposed to capacitate teachers.

The Covid 19 pandemic rendered teaching and learning almost impossible last year and government effected lockdowns with learners spending considerable time at home. Artuz was on record advising and even demanding that no exams should be administered for the simple reason that learners did not learn.

The government as usual defaulted to its traditional command mode and we got command education with the attendant dismal results. Suddenly it is teachers’ fault according to the all knowing Charamba!

As Artuz we have always been clear, honest and forthright with our employer. We pointed to the dangers of incapacitation of teachers, we pointed to the effects of Covid and we agitated for a better economic climate in relation to the education sector. We correctly hold the government responsible for every poor result across the country. We did everything in our power to contribute towards better education. We regret nothing and celebrate everything.

We therefore advise Mr Charamba who happens to have the President’s ears to use his proximity to the President as a platform to address pertinent issues affecting the education sector.

They may start by addressing the welfare of teachers, infrastructure in schools and combating Covid 19. His uneducated rants on Twitter are not helping anyone except exposing his arrogant ignorance.

Aluta continua.

Robson Nikita Chere is the ARTUZ National Secretary General