Govt officials exposed in Al Jazeera Investigations documentary on corruption, money laundering

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By Staff Reporter

INTERNATIONAL TV news channel Al Jazeera is set to broadcast an investigation into corruption and money laundering in Zimbabwe involving government officials and their affiliates.

The explosive documentary which was filmed over two years will air in March.

A trailer released by the news channel features President Mnangagwa’s appointed ambassador at large, Uebert Angel.

Corrupt officials were secretly filmed by undercover journalists unwittingly revealing how they were laundering money and plundering resources.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono wrote: “International news network Aljazeera will be broadcasting a mind-blowing documentary film in March showing astonishing looting, plunder and laundering in Zimbabwe.

“The ZANUPF crooks and their surrogates were filmed undercover for 2 years, as they spoke about how they do it.”

The producers have shown the films to a select group of corruption experts and journalists who provided their insights.

“The documentary films were made by the Al Jazeera Investigative Journalism Directorate. They filmed them since 2022”.

Zanu PF has in the past been chastised for endorsing controversial figures who have in turn been accused of being front runners for shoddy deals between the ruling party officials.

In 2015, the Spirit Embassy Church leader Uebert Angel was dragged to court to answer on charges of fraud involving a luxury vehicle worth US$300 000.