Govt Opens Up On ED “Drunk” Video

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By Staff Reporter

THE government says the public misunderstood a video currently circulating where President Emmerson Mnangagwa appeared heavily intoxicated during a fundraising event held at State House last Friday.

In the video, widely circulating on social media platforms, Mnangagwa appears drunk and had to be assisted by Deputy Sports Minister Tino Machakaire and Harare businessman Farai Matsika.

The event was the launch of the Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa University of Zambia scholarship programme, the video has seen the president becoming a subject of lewd jokes.

However, Information Ministry secretary Nick Mangwana said the public had misunderstood the video as Mnangagwa was not drunk.

“Before I retire for the day, let me share an extension of the so-called drunk video. At the risk of dignifying nonsense, let me say, slurred speech (no), unsteady gait (no), non-compos mentis behaviour (no). Sober, sharp, coherent, and presidential statesman.”

Mangwana also posted another video of Mnangagwa leaving the event and walking without the assistance of his aides.

“After the event in which some thought his being attentive to his scholarship fund benefactors was being drunk, President Mnangagwa is seen here going home. He walks with vigour, balance, and focus. Not drunk, not sick, just single-mindedness to develop Zimbabwe,” Mangwana added.

“Tomorrow is another day so my final installment tonight is on, how the walk hand in hand started. Musatinyaudza futi (Don’t bother us again.”

However, exiled former Information Minister Jonathan Moyo said most of the guests at the event were intoxicated.

“None of the above looks sober. Their faces tell a shocking story of VVIP intoxication, which aptly defines Mnangagwa’s New Dispensation and Second Republic!” Moyo said in reference to a picture of Mnangagwa, Machakaire, and Matsika.

According to Mangwana, the ED-UNZA scholarship has five Zambian students studying at the Chinhoyi University of Technology, and 10 Zimbabwean students studying at the University of Zambia.

He claimed the dinner event raised US$700 000 and $16 million while Mnangagwa’s tie and scarf were auctioned to raise the money.

“And of course he was as sober as a judge.”