Govt orders opposition political parties to behave, says ‘barbaric’ MDC violence scaring away investors

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ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Acting Information and Publicity Minister, Simon Khaya Moyo, has warned the opposition against violent activities.

Moyo ordered the political parties to conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable to all citizens.

The minister’s comments are a result of recent violent clashes among MDC-T officials over the succession of the late President Morgan Tsvangirai who died last month.

Vice President Thokozani Khupe and her superior Nelson Chamisa’s succession wars have escalated recently with Khupe absconding all party meetings as she accuses Chamisa of hiring youths to attack her.

Khupe was beaten by some youths at Tsvangirai’s funeral in Buhera and last Sunday she was also attacked together with some of her supporters in Bulawayo where more than 20 people were injured, some of them seriously at a meeting which was attended by suspended MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu.

“We as government condemn any form of violence. Of late, we are witnessing some barbaric activities championed by some opposition parties’ intra-violence and this cannot be acceptable in any civilized society.

“We also want to be very clear that as the President has said, the coming elections must be free, fair and credible. Indeed, having invited observers from all over the world, we do not want observers to fear to come because of some activities we are witnessing from some opposition political parties; activities which do not only scare would-be-observers; activities which would also scare would-be-investors.

“I, therefore, on behalf of government, appeal to all parties; to all citizens to conduct themselves in a manner which is acceptable to all free citizens of this land,” said Moyo.

On allegations by the opposition that Zanu PF was causing mayhem in the party through infiltration, Moyo dismissed the MDC “a weak party which is not serious at all.”

“MDC are a weak party. Why would they go all the way to Buhera saying we have been infiltrated? From Harare with the infiltration, up to burial point and come back and say to the press, “we were infiltrated then, certainly you are not serious about your party.

“We would have loved a situation where the leadership of the MDC would get hold of those people and bring them to us. We would have taken serious action against those people but, up to now, we hear Giles Mutsekwa is still looking for those involved in the clashes and attacks,” Moyo said sarcastically.

Moyo’s attack on “barbaric” violence will come as irony to many as his party has been accused of violence since 1980. At one time, the late Nathan Shamuyarira boasted about Zanu PF’s “long, strong history of violence”.