Govt Readies To Reconstruct Silobela Road Abandoned Since 1984

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By Staff Reporter

GOVERNMENT has pledged to begin the reconstruction of the Kwekwe-Nkayi Road which last had major upgrades in 1984.

Silobela MP Mthokozisi Manoki Mpofu has bemoaned the neglect of the strategic link of the gold mining rural outpost to nearby city, Kwekwe.

Silobela is just 60 km from Kwekwe, but villagers are being forced to part with as much as US$10 for a single trip to Kwekwe due to the deplorable state of the roads.

“In Silobela Constituency, I have Kwekwe-Nkayi Road which is still unfinished since 1984, the remaining portion is less than 50km,” said the legislator.

Mpofu said a recent visit by Transport Minister Felix Mhona to appreciate the road situation in Silobela offered a glimmer of hope to his rural constituency which has since been cut off from a lot of services because of the situation.

“The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development visited Silobela to appreciate the dilapidated roads infrastructure in the constituency and get a first-hand experience of the poor state of our roads,” he said.

“It is exciting and motivating to note that the Minister made it very clear that in the next three weeks, road construction works will commence on the Kwekwe-Nkayi. Currently, tendering for contractors is underway to get the best out of many who have applied for the job to ensure transparency,” he said.

Locals will be prioritised in the road works constructions.

“The sweet news was that all labour especially casual labour should be given to people of Silobela, he (minister) emphasised that he does not want to see truckloads of people coming from outside Silobela to take up jobs meant for Silobelians,” he said.

Mpofu added, “Since we are regularly using Nkayi-Bulawayo Road, the Minister made it clear that it is on the cards as well and start of the construction will happen concurrently with Silobela road once all logistical issues have been put in place.”