Govt reads riot act on land thieving politicians

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By Ndatenda Njanike

GOVERNMENT has threatened arrests on corrupt politicians who are in the habit of invading and parcelling out pieces of land using their high offices and political influence.

This comes after the local government ministry early this week issued a warning on all politicians abusing their powerful offices to grab land and create bogus housing cooperatives to line their pockets.

The ministry said culprits will be treated as fraudsters and criminals and shall, accordingly, face the full wrath of the law.

Read a circular by the ministry, “It goes without saying that we have seen some politicians abusing their party regalia and positions invading land whilst name dropping, His Excellency and other high-ranking party officials as well as leaders of opposition parties.

“It is, therefore, our position as government that all those politicians who are invading land and creating bogus cooperatives are criminals who deserve to be arrested and prosecuted for fraud, corruption and land invasions.”

Some corrupt Zimbabwean politicians have in recent times been accused of grabbing and distributing environmentally sensitive land such as wetlands in many areas which include Chitungwiza.

Some are going to the extent of invading ZESA lines, sewer lines, schools, clinics and even soccer fields to parcel out as residential land to innocent home seekers.

Said the ministry, “Many of these barons have to date parcelled state land, local authority land and private land across the country.

“In Harare, they have invaded Mufakose, Budiriro, Hatcliffe, Aspingdale among others.

“In Chitungwiza they have invading ZESA line, Sewer lines, School Clinics and even soccer fields.”