Govt says lockdown has slowed down Covid-19 infections

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By Staff Reporter

A TOP civil servant says the country’s lockdown period running over a continuous 35-day period has slowed down Covid-19 infections in the country.

“Information dissemination and the proper medical protocols have been intensified on radio, posters and print and electronic media,” Labour and Social Welfare parsec Simon Masanga said Monday.

He was addressing social workers from across the country and outside on a virtual platform.

He added, “Health professionals and volunteers have been recruited and others volunteered to assist.

“It’s all shaping up nicely and the country’s level of preparedness has greatly improved.

“The lockdown has also slowed down infections.”

Masanga said government has since imported quantities of medicine and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

“We have imported medicines and PPEs from China and some from Japan.

“The local production of masks and other personal protective equipment has been stepped up in industry and universities.

“Testing kits are now available and a number of tests have increased drastically and medical isolation centres are now available from district level and are now being equipped,” he said.

The government official said to date, Zimbabwe has received more than 900 returnees from South Africa, Botswana, UK and the United States.

The returnees are currently being placed in quarantine facilities across the country.

“Those coming through RGM are being housed at ZIPAM whose capacity is 75, others went to Belvedere, we are now placing some returnees at Courtney Hotel which is in the (Harare) city centre in an effort to try and improve the living conditions of the returnees,” he said.

In terms of food security, Masanga said government has introduced welfare programmes which look into the welfare of people with disability and also ensure the distribution of grain to over 760 000 households in rural areas.