Govt To Pay US$500 For Civil Servant Funeral Cover

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By Staff Reporter

THE government has announced it will with immediate effect start paying an equivalent US$500 as funeral assistance for every civil servant who passes away.

Civil servants have been demanding their salaries to be pegged in US dollars or its equivalent Zimbabwe dollar.

However, the government has flatly declined the request, resulting in some civil servants mostly nurses, doctors, teachers downing tools in protest.

On Tuesday, the ministry of information secretary, Nick Mangwana announced the government would start paying, as funeral cover, an equivalent of US$500 for every civil servant who passed away.

“Starting immediately, government will pay an equivalent US$500 in funeral assistance for any civil servant who passes away. This is regardless of any funeral policy the member may have. The money is paid to a surviving spouse, adult children, or agreed dependent,” he said.

However, the statement received a strong backlash from social media users.

“This is selfish. Give them 500 USD now. Why wait for citizens to die for them to live?” wrote one Nigel Ndlovu.

“The people of Zimbabwe deserve the right to enjoy the fruits of their labour whilst they are alive and not when they are dead,” commented ZHRO.

“How bizarre, civil servants being paid that much when they die, yet being paid very little when they are surviving. What message are you sending to civil servants, you are better dead than alive?”