Govt To Take Over Vic Falls Water Supply: ED

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

VICTORIA FALLS: President Emmerson Mnangagwa says his administration will take over the management of water in the resort city to address a perennial problem that has seen residents and businesses going for days without supplies.

He made the pledge while addressing Zanu-PF supporters who had thronged the Victoria Falls International Airport to welcome him as he landed to officiate at two events.

However, Mnangagwa was quick to lambast the MDC claiming the opposition-led local authorities were failing on managing the country’s cities and towns.

He then implored supporters to vote for Zanu PF during the upcoming local council and parliamentary by-elections.

He said if they voted for Zanu-PF councillors and MPs, he would support the elected office bearers.

Victoria Falls has been experiencing serious water challenges with residents going for weeks without supplies.

The city council earlier this year took over the management of raw water from the Zimbabwe National Water Management Authority (ZINWA).

“I have promised your minister (Matabeleland North Minister Richard Ndlovu) that instead of us saying council or ZINWA, the central government is the one that will address the water issue,” said Mnangagwa.

“Water is life. If there is no water at home, no one can stay there. I have heard your concerns, when I go back to Harare, we will see to it that the central government takes over.”

Mnangagwa also promised to address the perennial electricity challenges faced by residents in Hwange’s Railways suburb, a location, managed by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ).

The NRZ disconnected hundreds of residents last October claiming it wanted to replace copper cables with aluminum ones to avoid theft and vandalism, but no changes have been made and the residents remain without power.

“We will summon railways and hear their issue, so we address it. So far I had not heard the issue. We want to hear what their problem is.

“Next year, we are getting into elections for councils and Parliament. You have seen the journey we have travelled. Many urban councils are in the hands of the opposition, but they are doing nothing, all of them.

“So we hope when we do by-elections that is the opportunity you have to vote for Zanu PF so that we have our own councils that we can talk to and support,” he said.

Four ZUPCO buses were mobilised to carry party supporters from around communities in Victoria Falls for the mini-rally.