Govt Urged To Harness Diaspora Community Into Economic Drivers 

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By Staff Reporter 

THE government needs to put in place an enabling environment for the Diaspora community for it to be a major economic driver.

This call was made by CODE president Trust Chikohora.

An economist by profession, the politician said the government must put in place favourable policies, which attract the over three million Zimbabweans living the Diaspora.

Chikohora, who is also a former president of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), said Zimbabweans living abroad have over the years contributed over US$1 billion in remittances back home.

“The challenge is on the authorities to come up with policies, to come up with the right strategies on how we can make use of the Diaspora dividends. I believe if we put our act together, the Diaspora community is going to be one of the major economic drivers in Zimbabwe,” he said.

He urged the government to embrace the Diaspora community for it to feel as part of the country.

“Make them feel comfortable with what is happening at home and confident with what is happening in Zimbabwe so that they can invest. The remittances that we have been getting are just support for families back home.

“Investment will not be a large part of that if we have people not being confident to put money and their savings back home.”

Chikohora said the government must an environment in which Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora are able to create businesses and employment back home.

“They must be able to invest in the stock exchange, invest in venture capital funds, invest in pension funds, invest in various bonds which could have been floated by government and other private players in Zimbabwe.

“There could be a huge boom in Zimbabwe just by investment coming from the Diaspora. Some of the people in the Diaspora are now big where they have networks, they can even leverage from other resources, friends, colleagues and other associates which can drive huge growth to this economy,” the opposition leader said.