Grace Mugabe’s ‘buttocks’ go viral

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WELL, perhaps not in the way it reads, but certainly now Grace Mugabe, the word buttock, and the word viral can now be uttered in one breath with the facts hardly being too badly contorted.
As the Zimbabwean first lady continued with her series of entertaining, blood curdling and, at times inane meet-the-people tours, the often chilling messages have not been without moments of mirth.
And one such moment was when the First Lady mistakenly uttered the word ‘buttocks’ in her native Shona language while she intended to, in fact, speak of people’s plummeting living standards.
The nine second clip has now gone viral on social networks and sharing platforms, with WhatsApp being the mostly used site to share the verbal faux pas.
In a language where the word for buttocks (magaro) and livelihood (magariro) are within a hare’s breath of similarity, the First Lady slipped and mentioned the word for booty instead.
Fortunately for her, the people saw the funny side of an otherwise worrying number of public speeches which have polarised the society and left her Zanu PF party in disarray.
At least, betwixt all of the seriousness, she has offered the public a light moment in the midst of her apocalyptic rise to power which many think will effectively bring a tumultuous reign that may worsen an economy that is all but comatose.