Groundbreaking Electrician Creates E-Classroom Platform

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

A 30-year-old Bulawayo electrician, Thamsanqa Bhala, has created an e-classroom platform which is currently being used by over 15 schools in Bulawayo to communicate with parents and students.

The Lupane State University employee said he was engaged by school heads to create the free application.

“The application is a free e-classroom platform which allows learning institutions to communicate with individuals on a mass scale all at once. The application also enables teachers to post homework’s assignments and announcements to parents and students. With this application, there is no need for multiple WhatsApp groups to inform individuals,” Bhala said in an interview with New Zimbabwe.Com.

Bhala said unlike other platforms, the e-classroom application is designed so that individuals only read announcements and get homework and school notes from the institution.

“The platform also does not allow individuals to comment on the announcements published because some people may write offensive comments or post false allegations about the institution for anyone to see. The schools’ email to have a free account set up. They then receive codes which will allow the school to create codes for the teachers, students and parents,” he explained.

Bhala said his platform is very cheap and user friendly. PDF documents can also be easily attached and sent through the platform.

Some of the schools currently using the platform include Founders High School, Kumalo Primary School, Greenfield, Milton High School, Moray Primary School and Tennyson Primary School.

The application which was launched at the beginning of this year will also help the schools to cut costs for publishing information.

“The mobile app is available for Android phones and can be downloaded from Google Play Store, the requirements for signing up are a valid email address and mobile phone number, the last six digits of the phone number are automatically the password, tutorials are also available on YouTube channel,” added Bhala.