Gutu Man Arrested For Suggesting Mnangagwa Only Good At Killing

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By Leopold Munhende

A GUTU man has been arrested after he publicly denigrated President Emmerson Mnangagwa, describing him as a dismal failure whose sole success so far was participating in the killing of civilians during Gukurahundi.

Douglas Chauke of Munhende suburb, was arrested last week by the police Law and Order section and is being charged for violating Section 33(2) (a) (i) of the notorious Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

According to police papers, Chauke uttered statements undermining Mnangagwa’s authority.

“On the 13th of December 2021 and at Machinya Bar, Chauke unlawfully and intentionally undermined the authority of the president by saying Mnangagwa haana chaachinja muZimbabwe arikutevedza zvakasiiwa na Mugabe. Iye chaakwanisa inyaya yekuuraya maNdebele nguva yeGukurahundi kuma Ndebele. (Mnangagwa has changed nothing in Zimbabwe, he is following the footsteps of Mugabe, the only thing he did successfully is the killing of the Ndebele people in Matebeleland during Gukurahundi),” the charge sheet reads.

The police are arguing that his statement is false and might cause hatred, contempt and belittle the office of the president.

Chauke joins a long list of people who have been arrested under the controversial law for undermining Mnangagwa’s authority, including others who were arrested for posting messages and videos criticising him.

The law itself is one of the many that are supposed to have been amended to conform with the 2013 constitution.