Gutu Rips Into Chamisa, Khupe For Disrespecting Court Ruling, Predicts MDC Thrashing By Zanu PF

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Staff Reporter

FORMER MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu has taken a swipe at his former colleagues Nelson Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe for failing to read and interpret a recent Supreme Court ruling, which ordered the MDC-T to hold an extra-ordinary congress.

The congress is set to elect a successor to late founding party president Morgan Tsvangirai.

This is after the Supreme Court ruled early this month that Chamisa was not the legitimate leader of the MDC-T.

The same court also interpreted, Khupe, as then elected vice president of the party when Tsvangirai died, should lead MDC-T towards an extra-ordinary congress to replace the late opposition leader.

The 2018 leadership disagreements saw the MDC-T split, with Khupe and Gutu leading one faction while Chamisa and the rest retained control of the mainstream party, later adopting the name MDC Alliance.

However, Gutu, who later became Khupe’s deputy, said he was shocked by the lack of understanding of the Supreme Court ruling by the two politicians.

“If truth be said, the judgment floored both Mr. Chamisa and Madam Khupe as their respective congresses after the death of Tsvangirai, were declared illegal by Justice (Edith) Mushore’s ruling,” Gutu wrote Wednesday in the State media.

“That illegality can only be cured by an extra congress as directed by the court. Before the 2014 structures are recalled, Khupe and her MDC-T are already making statements, suspending people.

“That is pathetic, shallow and a self-defeating move. Come on Madam Khupe! I thought you were better than Chamisa. The opposition in Zimbabwe is a real circus.

“Madam Khupe, the involvement of your MDC-T structures to elect a president for Tsvangirai’s MDC-T is illegal and contempt of court and for that, the members who are the real beneficiaries of the order will take you to the cleaners,” he said.

Gutu queried why Chamisa was claiming the Supreme Court judgment delivered three weeks ago did not involve him yet he was the applicant.

“What did he do after the judgment? He went to town telling all those that care to listen that the judgment has nothing to do with him and will not affect the alliance. Mr. Chamisa, as a lawyer, should know that such behaviour is a serious act of misconduct and punishable at law,” said Gutu.

A deputy minister of justice during the now-defunct inclusive government, Gutu went on to suggest to Chamisa not to contest for president in the expected extra-ordinary congress as fierce rivals in the MDC-T would fight to ensure he was defeated.

“Reality will soon set in if he does not take this unsolicited advice. He is still young. After the 2023 elections, the congress due then might reconsider him after a thorough beating of the MDC-T by Zanu PF.

“For this extraordinary congress, he is advised not to present his candidature for the post of the president because he will definitely be kicked in the teeth. The 2014 structures he dismantled on the advice of former Zanu PF members like Jonathan Moyo have not forgiven him. The best advice is for him to join Madam Khupe and fight another day,” said Gutu.