Gvt official sucked into land allocation scandal

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By Paul Katanda

A 35-year-old farmer from Ward 14 Seke District claims he was unlawfully chased away from his 90-hectare Geluk Farm after a ministry of lands official fraudulently obtained offer letters for his plot.

The farm is located in Beatrice area along Mhondoro Road opposite former vice president, Joice Mujuru’s farm.

He currently has 300 boer goats, 60 sheep, 400 cattle, tractors, boreholes, broilers and the farm is also surrounded by a game fence.

The aggrieved, Edwin Wenga, argues he is the legal owner of the farm after it was allocated to him in 2016.

In addition to that, a schedule that was done in June 2021 recommended provincial office to follow up with the head office for final processing.

He says he is being driven off the land by lands ministry official Tichafa Dangarembwa.

He claims Dangarembwa did not follow any proceedings as he fraudulently obtained offer letters of a farm that belonged to someone else.

The actual procedure that is supposed to be followed starts at district level before it is escalated to the minister of lands, who then recommends one to go to obtain an offer letter from minister of lands and agriculture.

Wenga wrote a letter on March 5, 2022, to relevant officials challenging the sudden changes of ownership of the plot from him to Dangarembwa.

“It is on record that I followed the required procedure to be considered for allocation, but the official corruptly replaced my name at the last minute for his benefit,” the letter reads.