Gweru council fails to meet sewage treatment capacity

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Gweru City Council is discharging 50 mega litres of sewage per day against a treatment capacity of 19 mega litres on a daily basis with the city failing to meet discharge standards, a senior official has said.
Mayor, Charles Chikozho said the local authority was looking for partners to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing treatment plant.
“The city of Gweru generates 50 mega litres per day of sewage whereas the treatment capacity is 19 mega litres per day,” Chikozho said.
“Currently the treatments are non-functional and the effluent quality is not meeting discharge standards.”
Council requires $7 million to renovate two sewage treatment plants to prevent the discharge of partially treated effluent.
Over the years, council has been at loggerheads with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) for discharging raw sewage into the environment.
At one point, council had to pay a $5 000 fine to EMA for discharging effluent into Gweru River.Advertisement