Gweru In Fresh Typhoid Scare, Two Feared Dead

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By Thandiwe Garusa

A TYPHOID outbreak is suspected to have hit Gweru with two people confirmed dead due to diarrhoea infections.

Authorities confirmed the deaths Thursday and in an interview, Gweru City Council Spokesperson Vimbai Chingwaramutse said they were still carrying out some tests to find out what the problem was.

“We received the information through our weekly disease surveillance that there were two deaths which occurred due to diarrhoea infections.

“Our city health rapid response team is on the ground collecting stool samples and water samples in Mkoba 12 infill where these cases happened. We are still waiting for the results which will guide us to know the problem,” said Chingwaramutse.

She urged members of the public to quickly seek medical attention in case of diarrhoea. 

“Meanwhile, we urge all the residents to immediately visit the clinics in case of diarrhoea infections and also ensure that they drink clean water from clean sources, eat well cooked food and washing hands after using the toilet,” said Chingwaramutse.

A survey by showed that some parts of Gweru such as Senga area, residents are surviving on borehole water as the city council is failing to provide reliable tap water.

In 2018, 11 people died in the city from the waterborne disease and thousands hospitalised.