Hamilton Property turns tables on lawyer

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MILLIONAIRE businessman Frank Buyanga, through his company, Hamilton Property Holdings (HPH), is turning the tables on a lawyer that he claims filed fake court papers.
Buyanga is pressing a complaint against Harare lawyer, Roy Harvey, who has been given 14 days by the Law Society of Zimbabwe to defend himself.
HPH accuses Harvey, a partner in the law firm, Grangerand Harvey, of dishonestly acquiring a court order against them alleging that HPH had fraudulently obtained transfer documents to register various properties in Harare in their name.
In their letter to the Law Society, PHP said: “We wish to file a complaint against Messrs Granger and Harvey for using illegal and below-the-belt tactics in trying to obtain an order against HPH in court, through the use of an affidavit which was fraudulently created.
“It appears Messrs Granger and Harvey participated directly or otherwise in the creation and signing of this affidavit as the font on the affidavit is identical to the rest of the urgent chamber application.”
HPH says Harvey’s alleged attempts to criminalise their business dealings are an eerie throwback to the last five years when Buyanga was dragged through the court system for allegedly seizing properties of dozens of individuals who defaulted on loans made out by Hamilton Finance, his micro-lending firm.
Buyanga, whose investments straddle the financial services, property and insurance, temporarily exiled himself, returning after the Zimbabwe Republic Police were forced to admit at the High Court in January this year that they had found no evidence of wrong-doing either by himself or his companies.
Vimbai Nyemba, the Law Society of Zimbabwe President, has written to Harvey, attaching Hamilton’s complaint and demanding that he replies “the substance of the complaint in writing within 14 days”.
“Kindly note that your failure to respond within the stipulated time frame will result in negative inferences being drawn from your failure to respond and the matter would be forwarded to the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee without further reference to you. May I have your comments,” she wrote.
The Law Society can suspend or deregister a lawyer if misconduct is proven.Advertisement